“This therapy is like taking a trip to moments of our lives, and perhaps, of lives where we have some unresolved trauma that is having an impact on the present. Our memories speak and take us to those moments where they are encapsulated, feelings, emotions that today disturb us. The most wonderful thing about this technique that Kate uses is that in a few seconds, with breathing, you transform the pain or emotion that weighs, in a subtle joy, in a relief for the Soul. Thanks to Kate and the wonderful tools she uses, I was able to reconnect with the joy that flows from the Heart.”

“Katie is a being of light that invites you to travel a magical path of rediscovery; the path that allows you to unlock blocks which allow the liberation of the soul. At the end of this unforgettable experience, I have a sweet taste of the journey traveled and an immense joy that accompanies me in the present.”