2017 Past Events:

Soul Stories: First Friday of the month

Come and explore the power and art of storytelling! 

 Launch: Friday February 3rd 2017 at 6:00pm


February: Love

March: Emerging

April: Acceptance

This event is loosely modeled after the “The Moth” storytelling hour.  Stories will true and be told not read.  Stories will be no longer than five minutes in length.  You are also welcome to come and listen with an open heart.  Those who would like to tell a story will put their names in a hat and names will be drawn at random.  The theme for February is Love.  This can be about love in any form: romantic, self-love, love of an object or even a passion for a purpose.  Come tell your unique story to a conscious group of people that want to know your direct experience.  Unlike the “Moth” there will be no judges or competition.  This will be a delicious night of giving and receiving the gift of story.  Soul Stories is about sharing your true authentic experience.


 Bicycle Love Story – ‘Love Hurts’ at the Moth



Falling in Love at 81 – THE MOTH



Psych Wards, Shock Therapy, & A Love Story – THE MOTH