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First Aid for Empaths

     If you have woken up with nightmares in the last few days you are not alone. As Sensitive Souls, we are emotionally impacted by the earth’s changes.   As earthquakes, fires, volcanoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis ripple through the earth she is also asking

The Eagle and the Condor

I had the honor of having coffee this morning with Walter and Susan Moora. They are an amazing couple working in the fields of Biodynamic Farming and Collaborative networking with a mission of global sustainability. Susan reminded me of the Incan Prophesy of the

Honoring the Gifts of Sensitivity

    “Kaboom!” “Beep Beep!” “Honk!” Imagine, you left the house to run a few errands and suddenly you find yourself overwhelmed by the noises around you. You find yourself tensing your shoulders and trying to pull yourself inward yet it feels like everything

Fostering Empathy for the Holiday Season

I have been thinking a lot about empathy. In the therapeutic community empathy is a tool that counselors use to build rapport with their clients and to establish trust within the therapeutic relationship. In counseling we often talk about building an “empathic connection” with

How to be a Beginner:

Last week I went skiing for the first time in ten years. I had been craving it like rich dark chocolate- the beauty of the scenery, the chilly fresh air, and the rush of “hot-dogging” straight down the hill. I grew up skiing every