Born and raised in the vibrant heart of San Francisco I became fascinated at a young age with consciousness, personal growth, meditation, and holistic health. I was born a sensitive child which felt like a tremendous burden yet over the years I have discovered many gifts that these extra sensory abilities provide. I have learned to trust and hone my intuition and reclaimed my empathic awareness. My sessions come from a place of loving presence. I will meet you where you are and I will walk with you through the darkness and into the light. Know that you are not alone.

My master’s thesis was titled “The Labyrinth as a Meditative Tool.” I explored the use of labyrinths historically and also examined the symbol of the the circle as representation the self through the lens of Jungian psychology. Labyrinths are powerful mini spiritual pilgrimages that appear to be a mere walking meditation yet have the ability to lead to us to illumination of the soul. I see therapy in this way. We are all on the hero’s journey by consciously and courageously living our lives. I can provide support, light and guidance along the way and in the end you will rejoice and feel empowered that you reached your goals.

My theoretical background is multimodal meaning that I include cutting edge techniques from cognitive behavioral, motivational interviewing, solution focused therapy, attachment theory, somatic psychology, transpersonal psychology, neuro-emotional technique, hypnosis, and systems theory. I utilize mindfulness to help you to identify what is here to be worked on in the present moment. I also assign homework because I believe that much of the work happens in real life in between therapy sessions and because I want you to come back each session feeling even stronger with more clarity. I specialize in working with anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, and narcissistic abuse. Counseling and Life Coaching are my passion and I look forward to working with you.


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