First Aid for Empaths

     If you have woken up with nightmares in the last few days you are not alone. As Sensitive Souls, we are emotionally impacted by the earth’s changes.   As earthquakes, fires, volcanoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis ripple through the earth she is also asking us to release our own dense energy. In the last few days, I have had clients and friends report waking up with nightmares, feeling anxious, having panic attacks, or just feeling foggy and off balance. Last night I woke up several times with nightmares and as I fell back asleep I would slip right back into the feeling of fear. Sometimes the situations within my dream would change but the emotional state continued to release for several hours.

     Know that you are not alone. We are all experiencing a huge emotional and energetic release right now. Honor these experiences allowing them to pass on through. This is coming from the deepest part of your own psyche, the collective unconscious, and mother earth in order to make space for something brand new. Here are some techniques that will help you with the transformation.  One of my creative clients developed her own mediation and it helped her through a challenging night.  She gave me permission to share it with you.  I will begin with her technique.

#1 Tree Meditation

Picture yourself hugging your favorite tree. Feel the bark on your skin. Imagine that you are barefoot and your feet are connecting to the earth where the tree is rooted. Psychically and energetically follow each of the tree’s roots as it connects deeply to the earth. With each root that you follow think of things in your life that anchor you here on earth in this moment. For example, you can think of your each of your children, your animals, or any loved one. Continue this process until you feel peace throughout your body.


Fast is a technique from N.E.T (Neuro-emotional technique). The goal is to press on each acupressure point releasing any crystalized energy that may be stored in one of your organs. Press on all the release points at once on either hand. You will have three fingers pressing on your wrist and one finger on the fatty part of your hand right below your thumb. Then place the free hand on your forehead. Ask the emotions and the energy to release from all your organs. Imagine it releasing out the bottom of your feet into the earth to be recycled. (See the diagram)

#3 Recalibrate your Energy

I adapted this technique through studying the work of Meg Benedicte ( and Drunvalo Melchizedek ( Imagine that your feet are magnetically connected to the earth. Imagine a light descending down from the soles of your feet connecting into the earth’s crystalline grid. Breathe the love of mother earth and her transformative energy up through the soles of your feet. Allow this loving energy to fill your body up completely. Then imagine yourself sending out a thread of light from the top of your head and connecting to the sun. Breathe the warm loving energy of the sun in a golden thread down into your heart. Allow it to fill your heart completely and overflow through all the cells in your body. Now ask to be connected to the wisest part of your being. Imagine that there is a radio dial above your head and tune it to the highest frequency possible. Imagine this energy like a silver ray that moves down through the top of your head all the way through your body and back down into the Earth.

Now I would like you to imagine that there are antennas pointed out of each of your chakras on both sides of your body. As Empaths we have learned to connect to the collective and often feel affected by the energy and emotions of those around us. Now I would like you to imagine turning your antennas inward. Allow them to bend all the way and lock into the silver high-frequency energy that you are bringing in from your highest self. From now on you will remain only connected to your own highest and wisest energy.

I send love and blessings to you all and Happy New Moon!  I send blessings to everyone who has been impacted by fires, earthquakes, and storms. Today we have a hillside fire here in Vilcabamba Ecuador that is threatening homes. Fire departments are limited here in this area. Please send your prayers and loving thoughts!