“Thank you, Kate, for all your support and help. You helped me work through a fog of grief and crippling anxiety. You taught me so much in just a few short months. I enjoy learning so many things from you. Your skills and knowledge were invaluable to me while trying to process a lot of grief and trauma. I appreciated your kindness, patience and positive assistance. I am also so grateful for your evening check-in calls and wading through all of my emails.  In our phone calls and in-person sessions, I found that your N.E.T technique was amazing. It really helped me open up and share more. Your loving kindness has helped me work through trauma. Truly an invaluable experience.”

“Thank you, Kate, for the healing gift you bring to the world. I have experienced profound healing ever since we began the NET journey. You are an amazing listener and have unlimited patience when I was “running around in circles”. Your NET sessions helped me shift my mindset and release negative belief patterns from my childhood. The inner child visualization work that you do has helped me connect deeper within myself. Thank you for being there for me and giving me support and encouragement through the difficult times. I am so glad to have met you. Looking forward to continuing this healing journey together.”

“Thank you so much for this session! I have been feeling very empowered since speaking with you and have even gotten some intuitive guidance about a new career path to follow which feels like “alignment” (the best way I can describe it). I feel very passionately about your style of working and involving the client in the way that you do – none of the practitioners I have met with in the past have sought to involve me in a session the way that you did. This was very empowering for me.”

“Thank you for your time and love. I was able to share some very personal data with Kate who was very available, kind, and thoughtful. I felt more integration of things I knew and didn’t know to continue my healing and opening process.”

“Kate was able to assist me with some healing visualizations about releasing fear and pain about my father issues. The healing visualizations were especially helpful and healing for me. Plus I also enjoyed learning more about color therapy and Kate recommended how to incorporate color healing in my life, such as wearing certain colors of clothing. During the session, I mentioned to Kate that I started to feel very warm. This was when I was releasing a lot about my father. I also, oddly enough, picked out the most colorful outfit subconsciously on the day that I had my session. Also when Kate was guiding me through a color which was associated with the chakra in between my throat and my heart, I felt a slight pressure, which Kate advised me to tap while she guided me through the messages. I also felt a lot brighter and lighter after the session and more ready to let go of things that are holding me back. There were also a lot of supportive and uplifting messages which were brought forward (about my strengths) which helped me to feel more empowered and connected to Source. It was overall very uplifting and positive!”

 Writing Group Testimonial:

“Thank you so very much, Kate, for stepping out and creating something so beautiful for all of us. I feel I have a whole new group of best friends!”